Thursday, January 29, 2009

Circles=Frames? Depth & Complexity in Lit Circles

“The concept of diversity describes differences between learners who are typical and those who are atypical in terms of culture, socioeconomic conditions, and learning characteristics. The increasing diversity of learners in our classrooms demands differentiated response for atypical learners."
Susan Winebrenner, “How Differentiation Techniques Benefit All Students.”
Orange County Council for Gifted and Talented Education, 31st Annual Conference, 

U.C. Irvine
Using Literature Circle ROLES integrated into FRAMES, successful, scholarly “literary experiences” can be achieved. Intellectually rigorous, standards relevant, and flexible to student learning levels, LIT. CIRCLES WITH FRAMES allow teachers to provide concrete pathways for students to actively engage in the literacy tasks needed for reading comprehension, analysis, and creative expressions.

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